The Power & Profitability of Text Message Marketing

I’m going to show you how you could be set up to have two-way text messaging conversations with all of your customers and prospective customers without you ever having to touch your cell phone.


How’s this even possible? meet AVA your new Automated Virtual Assistant, you’re going to love AVA because she’s going to save you a ton of time in your business.

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Now imagine this, you give a phone number to a customer or prospective customer, and when that person calls that number they hear a message like this “hi and thank you for calling my name is AVA and I’m here to guide you to the information you are seeking for me to deliver the information that you’re here to get I need you to press one to permit me to send you an automated text message after you press one I’ll send you a quick text message to guide you to the info you’re here to get so press one right now and look for a text from me”.

When they press one AVA will instantly and automatically send them a text message she will then ask for their name and hold a real-time human-like text message conversation with your recipient to lead them to whatever information you want them to have or whatever call to action you want them to take.

Now we realize that asking people to call a phone number isn’t always the most convenient thing to do which is why people can text your number as well.

No matter if people are calling, texting, or opting in on your mobile capture page you can tell AVA to reply to them however you’d like, and once AVA has performed your desired introductory action she will then instruct your lead or customer to reply with the keyword or to ask anything they’d like if she recognizes the keyword she will send your desired reply for that keyword which you can quickly and easily customize right within your easy to use back-office, pretty incredible wouldn’t you agree.

I mean imagine how much better your business life will be now that AVA will be doing the following time-saving tasks for you delivering information to your leads and customers via text message, answering questions via text message, automatically sending you hot qualified ready to buy leads who aren’t going to waste your time which of course will lead to more traffic leads and sales and you want more of all those things right awesome then you need to hire AVA today.

In a few moments I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that but before we get to all that let me show you how quick and easy it is to get
your lead number and set up AVA to your liking.

Setting up AVA to work for you and your business can be done in as little as 60 seconds or less.

First, you’ll need to load up your usage balance with at least 10 dollars worth of usage credits.

Usage Credits are used to send and receive text messages throughout the entire platform and are billed at one cent per incoming and outgoing message.

Next, you’ll agree to simple terms and conditions and with one click of the mouse, the system will assign you a phone number.

Simply tell AVA where to send text message notifications to you so you’ll always know what’s happening with each lead in real-time.

Last, you’re going to create your keyword.

Keywords are how you program AVA to automatically reply to your leads and customers based on specific words or phrases they might use in their text messages.

In this example, we’re going to create the keyword “info” and we will also have AVA look for the details of the word and learn more.

We want AVA to recognize our keyword no matter if it’s used in a sentence
or on its own so for this example, we’re going to set the rule accordingly to make sure it’s picked up if it’s used in a sentence.

Then you simply type in your desired text response now let’s watch AVA in action as she interacts with this prospect.

Your prospect can start their interaction with AVA either by calling or texting your assigned phone number. If your prospect is calling your phone number, they’ll be instructed to press one on their phone’s keypad at which point AVA will instantly and automatically send them a text message.

If AVA does not know the name of your prospect she will ask them for it so that she may personalize the messages.

Once she has captured the name of your prospect she will then invite them to reply with their desired keyword if they’re interested in learning how to put AVA to work for them in their business.

They can simply reply with the word “video” to receive a personalized link to this exact presentation, AVA will then capture and confirm their email address automatically for you and send them an email with a link to this presentation that you are watching right now since you have AVA looking for the words “info” “details” or “learn more”.

She is going to pick up the word “info” in your prospect’s reply and then instantly deliver your desired text.

You can even ask AVA to notify you anytime your keyword is triggered thus allowing you to create verified phone leads for whatever business you want.

If for any reason your prospect has a question that AVA cannot answer she will instruct them to reply with the word “help” at which point she will gather the question from your prospect and then instantly deliver it to you via text message as well as recording a record of it in your back-office.

You can log into your back office at any time to not only view all the important contact details of your lead but you can also monitor the real-time text message conversation your prospect is having with AVA
and with one click you can easily pause AVA so that you may have a one to one live text message chat with your prospect to answer their questions and get them closed.

Each of your replies is instantly delivered to your prospects’ mobile phone as well as being logged and recorded so you can always see what was said your prospect.

There are a lot more powerful features that AVA can perform for you so come on and put AVA to work for you today and start saving a ton of time while making more money in your business.

So is the light bulb starting to go off for you yet are you starting to think about all the fun and profitable possibilities for your business that ava now offers? well believe it or not and not to sound like this guy but there’s more.

Not that ava can’t handle her own with your leads and customers because she certainly can but there are just some things that are better left to us humans right well that’s why we’ve made it so that you can monitor every text conversation AVA is having with your leads and customers.

If there’s anything you want to say to them you can pause ava and have a two-way text conversation with your leads and customers, so you can add that human touch and assist AVA with anything she may not be able to answer.

Now you or your sales team and AVA can work together to answer questions and close sales all via text message.

You may be asking, why should I even care about being able
to text my leads and customers and what’s the big deal?

Here are a few eye-opening facts about text message marketing that just might help answer that question “SMS messages have a whopping 98 open rate” so not only is SMS quick and easy to set up but customers also like receiving and reading them ninety percent of SMS messages are read within three minutes.

So people are not only just reading your SMS messages they’re reading them almost as soon as you send them, SMS open rates are nearly five times that of email.

In other words, when you send text messages, recipients read them and that’s a good start right.

You see SMS marketing statistics show companies that aren’t sending marketing or promotional text messages to their potential customers
might be losing out on substantial revenue, so how do you get it?

Hopefully, you can see now that being able to automatically text your leads and customers as you can now with the help of AVA is a big deal and if you’re not currently doing it you’re losing a lot of money.

I’m sure at this point you’re ready to hire AVA but you just need to know one more thing.

How much does AVA cost? well her cost is pretty crazy cheap that is you can put AVA to work for you today for only $100.

You’ll pay a one-time setup fee of $100 to the reseller who invited you here and bringing you all of this awesome time-saving stuff and $10 for usage credit.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that $110 is quite a ridiculously low price to be paying for all of the value that AVA will bring to your life and business not to mention all of the time she’s going to save you and you can’t put a value on that right.

so click this link you see here on this page create your account and complete your required payments

Once you take those simple steps you’ll be able to get your lead number and put AVA to work for you almost instantly.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree that having AI Technology like AVA working
for you and your business to save you a ton of time is a good idea.

So click this Link Now and create your account and follow the simple instructions for making your required payments.

Before you go you should probably know that ava can also make you
a ton of money if that’s something you’re interested in.

She’s paid out over five hundred thousand dollars to our resellers and continues to pay them day after day so if you want to learn how you can get paid one hundred dollars instantly and directly for every lead
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So either way your leads, and customers are waiting for you to contact them via text message.

So put AVA to work for you right now and enjoy all of the extra time
she’s going to give back to you in your life and your business!