Working From Home Options

We are currently in a global pandemic and economic crisis. Depending on where you are in the world this may affect you differently. However, I believe we will all have to work differently in the future and seriously have to weigh our options for employment, health insurance, housing, etc.

I strongly believe that we have to explore all opportunities in front of us. We will have to prioritize what is most important for us and our families

With that in mind I have put together three list of income generating opportunities in the following categories. This list is a work in progress and will be updated periodically.

  • Work From Home Jobs
  • Gig Jobs
  • Business Opportunities

Work From Home Jobs:

Some of these opportunities have benefits some just have a salary or hourly rate. You can also search the major job sites and search for remote or virtual positions:

Gig Jobs

Just as it implies these are just gig/freelance jobs, you decide your work load. These generally do not have benefits but, you may be able to earn good money.

Business Opportunities

Here is a list of real business opportunities you can do online. Keep in mind, whatever business opportunity you decide to venture off into, please keep in mind that you must have traffic going to your product or service. Some fall as affiliate marketing, resellers or partner programs. There are many out there, here are just a few:

Leading Global Retailer
and Affiliate Marketplace. Many products and services here to promote. Remember you will need a way to send traffic to your offers.

Other Resources:

Here are other useful resources for your continued success:

See How To Simplify your online marketing. Launch powerful ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram – all at once, in seconds…

As far as reselling or affiliate marketing goes you need two things (actually more but there or two systems on the page that have an all in system).

1- You need a marketing system (lead capture, auto-responder & follow up system

2- You need traffic to your system

Without traffic and leads you have no business!

Lead Lightning / Power Lead System and NowLifestyle offer the all in one marketing system. They also allow you to resell their systems. is an advertising platform that you can use to get targeted traffic to your system or offers (you can even make $$ within the system running campaign for others in your account).

When you combine systems like these, I think you have a powerful combination!